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President Trump Is Not a Politician

As impeachment hearings loom on the horizon, one central fact keeps coming back to me: President Trump is NOT a politician. Because he lives in a bubble of people who communicate with nuances, subterfuge and other political devices, his straightforwardness is a perceived weakness. For me, that just isn't so.

The corruption of American politics is such an accepted fact that shock over Biden's conflict of interest and profit from Burisma, or Clinton and Obama excesses never register. It is tolerated as a given rather than a symptom of a failed system. Because Donald Trump is first and foremost a businessman, he uses the most direct, most effective methods for getting to the heart of governance, and thereby crosses the accepted political bounds of behavior. See, it's okay to accept foreign money for a foundation you own and run, such as the Clinton Foundation, but manipulating foreign money is a big no-no if you're Donald Trump. Am I the only one who fails to see the dissonance behind this? There is no congruent equivalence between acts of corruption and impropriety of overreaching, and I find that alarming.

Do I think Donald Trump manipulates and achieves his objectives by every known means, accepted or otherwise? Yes. That willingness to go for the jugular in negotiation is one of the attributes voters found appealing. Now it works to his disadvantage. Voters got what they wanted, but politicians (and depending on whose statistics you favor) and people think he went too far. That is for the Senate to decide, and here's what I expect: a big political circus, no conclusive results, and a voter referendum in 2020.

If it comes to an election between current front runner Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Donald Trump, the country will have a clear choice in direction of who to put at the helm. Why not let the voters decide? Or are democrats to afraid of the toe-to-toe match up between Warren and Trump? Either way, I would love to see a voter referendum. The voters put him in office, and I think it's up to the voters to remove him. The shaky ground of impeachment infraction will not unite the country behind any course of action. It all boils down to one very simple fact. Donald Trump is a lousy politician.

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