Post-corona world according to Bill

It has long been certain that there is no going back. At least as far as going back to old normal is concerned. The question is, will the old normal ever be present again and if not, what will change? The problem will arise if the new normal leads to even greater stress, the race for money, intolerance, declining immunity, and consequently new viruses, diseases that humanity will not be able to cope with. Perhaps the changes that are evident should be directed so that there is less stress and greedy entrepreneurs, so people will be more resistant to viruses as they were a few decades ago. Just one of my thoughts, but it has been scientifically proven that increased stress affects immunity.

But let's see what one of those "acquirers" of money thinks what the world will look like after solving the corona problem. Namely, he lists six important changes that will happen in the world. (Below every important change, I will write my comment on it.)

Let's face it, I have nothing against change as long as it leads to betterment. But if they are sudden, and if they concern only a certain profile of interest, more precisely entrepreneurs, and at the same time those changes are far-reaching, then what?

According to Bill, the changes should look something like this:

1. Bill: The Second World War brought an important change for women and society: namely, they began to be included in the labour force. The corona crisis will also affect business, in the sense that we will travel less for work and go to the office less. "People are already learning, selling or even doing medical examinations online," Gates said, believing that "online meetings" are our new normality and reality.

My comment: My comment would be that I am not against women joining mass the workforce, but what if I like to travel? Here, travel is tied exclusively to business, hello, there are other kinds of people.

2. Bill: Software will be better and more advanced, because society is now being digitalized to the maximum. At one point, the system broke down because millions of people started mass working from home, but companies are now developing even more advanced technologies to keep up with the times.

My comment: It is nice that technology is advancing, I really think so, but the same technology must be in the service of humanism, not only the exchange of information and the growth of companies. Does the future of the planet depend only on companies?

3. Bill: The new model of work will also enable the redefinition of urban life, communities. If you do not need to be in the office every day, then you may change the location of your home. Urban parts of the city are no longer so popular, people are now increasingly looking for houses on the outskirts, peace, isolation. For example, those who work in Seattle or San Francisco give enormous amounts of money just for rent, and that will not be necessary now.

My comment: What if I love urban life and I remember it wasn’t that hard and the urban crowd was something that exuded positive energy? Perhaps such a race for money has contributed to people wanting peace and isolation. Hey, isolation, completely in line with what many don't want and what they're protesting against.

4. Bill: The amount of physical contact you have at work could decrease, which can further lead to a growing need to socialize more outside the workplace, in your community. People could go out with friends more often, especially if they work remotely for a long time.

My comment: A bit controversial, first they want the periphery and isolation and then socialization. For that, they need more money, which is why they will work more remotely and be even more isolated ... and so on in a circle ... hmmm

5. Bill: Although the vaccine could be available to a large part of the population in record time, Gates believes that the normalcy we knew before the crisis will not return for a long time. According to his projection, people will remain scared, they will be quite conservative in their behaviour.

My comment: I have no comment other than that the occasional mention of fear catches my eye.

Finally, the founder of Microsoft believes that:

6. Although another pandemic could occur, it should not necessarily be as severe as this one. If nothing else, she says that the world will be more ready for her, and that it will be easier to restrain her. Testing tools will be better, the world's reaction will be faster, and operating systems will be more advanced.

My comment: And what about the bio-attack? No fear again?

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