Possible revenge for the killed boy in Chicago, police claims - you guess, the killer is a cop

According to the Chicago police, they expect revenge for the murder of the boy. Namely, the police published a video showing a police officer shooting and killing a thirteen-year-old boy in a dark passage. A camera attached to the policeman's uniform recorded the policeman shouting "drop weapon" on March 29, and then firing a shot into Adam Toledo's chest.

According to the writing, it turns out that the boy was not holding a weapon at the time he was hit, but a police video shows a gun near the place where he fell. Minor protests were held in the vicinity of Chicago, a few hours after Mayor Lori Lightfoot appealed for peace.

The video was released after Daunte Wright was killed in a police intervention on April 11 in the suburbs of Minneapolis. The video shows a police officer running out of a police car and chasing a boy of Latin American origin in a dark passage while the other suspect disappears from the frame.

According to the prosecutors, the teenager was with 21-year-old Ruben Roman, who shot at a car that was passing there. Due to that shooting, the police came to this area, after which a chase and the murder of a thirteen-year-old followed. Roman appeared in court last Saturday on charges of illegal use of weapons, negligent opening of fire and endangering a child, local media reported.

Shortly before the video was published, the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, held a press conference at which she said that the video was "disturbing". "Simply put, we let Adam down. And we can't let another young person in our city fail, "Lightfoot said.

Hmmm yes, crime exists, but is that the reason why the police should just kill like that, at random ... Many people next to Adam have been betrayed, and the "disturbing" fact besides the video: will that this will really change.

She appealed to the public to be calm. "We live in a city that has been traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct. Therefore, while we do not have enough information to be a judge or a jury in this situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our citizens feel a very familiar rush of anger and pain, "the mayor added.

The policeman who shot the boy has not been officially charged with murder. Well that's "disturbing." He is on paid leave and is awaiting the results of the investigation into whether he complied with the procedure on the use of weapons. Probably not, but let's not prejudge, we are waiting for the "results of the investigation". It is about a military veteran who joined the police in 2015, and as it is stated, there have been no complaints about his work so far. Maybe he was "scared" of a thirteen-year-old. Chicago police are on alert for potential retaliation against police officers because the area where Adam lived is a stronghold of a street gang of Latino kings. The Washington Post writes that the police killed 265 people in the United States this year. And that number is questionable.

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