Please eat synthetic beef, at least you rich ones. You poor .... hmmm we'll see

After making a host of controversial statements about the coronavirus pandemic, but also ominous predictions of future pandemics threatening the world, Bill Gates has now spoken in his new book about climate change and how to avoid disaster. Catastrophe again!

Namely, a prominent businessman and head of Microsoft suggests that rich countries should start eating only beef that is 100 percent synthetic in order to cope with the climate crisis.

His book “How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe” was published recently and offers a guide on how to reduce global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions, with a special focus on technological solutions.

While other companies are struggling and there are already five-year and ten-year plans to switch to green energy, Gates has decided that beef is a problem. I bet he stole this idea from Richard Branson who took a picture of himself eating synthetic beef a couple of years ago. According to many already signed acts in many countries of the world, for example in Britain, as well as in the countries of Asia, by 2025 or 2030, the production of fossil-powered vehicles will be completely stopped and switch to electric vehicles.

This man (Bill) is obviously working on himself and improving every day, now he is an expert on global warming and climate change. But he also knows where the greatest danger comes from. From naturally raised beef!

In an interview, he acknowledged that the fight against emissions from agriculture, and especially livestock, is one of the biggest climate problems that must be addressed and in order to realize this, rich countries should choose more carefully what will be on their plates.

"I don't think the poorest 80 countries will eat synthetic beef, but all rich countries should switch to it, which is actually a protein created in a laboratory," Gates said, noting that "production will make synthetic beef taste even better over time."

He added that switching from natural beef to its laboratory version would be politically challenging, but believes it is quite possible in high- or middle-income countries.

Okay, what about poor countries? Just when they get the corona vaccine, they have to somehow organize themselves to procure synthetic beef. It won't be easy! But even here, this versatile expert has a solution (sometimes it seems to me that he solves the world's problems at leisure when he has no other job or as a hobby). As for Africa and other poorer countries, "we will have to use genetic modification of animals to dramatically increase the amount of beef while reducing the bad by-products of production." Ahhh okay then!

The bill is not his weak point either (the bill should not be a problem! so man worked with computers), so he came to the number of 1.4 billion cattle on Earth. It is the second largest source of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions after food waste. Watch this now: The “winds” of cows and, more importantly, cow burps, emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, Gates noted in the book. So when you see a cow, go around it or at least avoid the direction in which it burps! Along with other grazing animals, cattle make up about 40 percent of annual global methane emissions, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Bill said that while there are innovations in animal feed that will lead to cows producing less methane, that will not be enough for a significant reduction.

I personally think that so much innovation will lead to disaster, because food that will cause cows to burp with less methane can also require the emission of something else harmful. That is why, gentlemen who are constantly contributing to the health of the planet and the planet is in worse and worse health, leave away so much chase for money, so you will not need synthetic proteins from synthetic meat and the cows will burp healthier than now. While you are figuring out how to make more money, we will die of cow "winds" and burps.

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