Pet - satanic leafy gecko

They were given devilish names because they look like terrible monsters with a place "down there" along with other monsters and demons. And are they really that awful?

Monstrous red eyes with no eyelids, tiny horns on top of his head and a devilish smile - such a being can only be devilish butter. Nothing helps even moving in the dark and being so small still skilfully frightens larger predators. He opens his mouth and shows a string of sharp teeth, and if that doesn't work, then use a secret weapon - unbutton his tail and disappear into the eclipse, apparently stunned by the hunter. Because of all these unusual features, it has been called the satanic leafy gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus), and like many other strange creatures, this small lizard originates from Madagascar, an island home to many unique species. But that doesn't mean you have to travel to far-off Africa to see it. People don't seem to be afraid of his name or his appearance, since he has become a much sought after pet around the world ...

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