"Papillon" then and now

Did you know that there is also Malta, in the very south of Europe. A small, exotic island with the scent of neighbouring Africa and its desert winds, and various European influences. Malta is one of the islands of the Malta Archipelago, in addition to the islands of Gozo and Comino. There are several studios located here in Malta across the picturesque landscape, for the filming of movie spectacles, where many Hollywood blockbusters have also been shot.

On the occasion of the film "Papillon", which was shot in 2017, I would look back on this 1973's movie version. In that version, the lead roles were Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, and I always remember one of the last scenes, Steve McQueen jumping off a cliff and finding his way to freedom, finally!

"Hey you, bastards... I am still here...", Papillon said after jump, of which you can feel stains on the skin. These scenes were filmed in Hawaii.


However, the lively scenery and cliffs of Malta were used to capture the 2017's version. I had the opportunity to walk this beautiful island and found one of the cliffs that was used for one of the last scenes, and the memory is amazing. A combination of a refreshing memory of Steve McQueen's jump and the version from 1973, with Malta's authentic landscape and version from 2017.


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