Pandemic will take women 10 years back in the workplace

According to experts, progress towards gender equality is the latest in a series of consequences caused by the corona virus pandemic. So progress towards gender equality in the workplace is another victim of Covid - 19. Even before the pandemic, the way many women thought was whether to stay at home and look after their children or to be employed. Now that the layoffs are ongoing due to low labour demand, and due to the stagnation in the economy, the answer is self-evident. Also, even before the pandemic, there was prejudice when it comes to gender equality in the workplace. The possibility of working from home is also expanding, which makes it easier for those who think it is better to fire women in an emergency situation such as this pandemic.

Research also shows that the working gender gap arises due to the gap in motherhood. Thus, women without children are much closer to gender equality when it comes to employment, but also the position at work: salaries, promotions, awards. However, mothers pay a high price in their careers, as if motherhood alone is not a big obligation for them already. Women tend to take on more of the burdens of caring for children and the family. To go to work, they need someone to help with that care. But fathers have been slow to change their behaviour. And without subsidies, private child care can be prohibitively expensive. Workplaces already tend to penalize women who choose to work fewer hours or need more flexibility, and that, too, is proving to be exacerbated in the pandemic. And so on.

“The bottom line is that based on decades of research we know that there was one institution that was effective at limiting gender inequality and encouraging women’s participation in the workplace, and it was early childhood education,” said Claudia Olivetti, an economist at Dartmouth College.

The current situation caused by the pandemic that fuelled the old prejudices is that women will go back ten years when it comes to gender equality at workplace.

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