Our personal space - just physical or global data network, too?

The fact is that we live in a world that is becoming more and more digitised, in fact the digital world has become an everyday life and one would say that it is dominant. In such a digital world, every action generates data whether we send mail, browse the Internet or use one of many applications. In the virtual world, all that information and data is transmitted in a second or even in a split second. There is a myriad of data circulating through virtual space, practically everywhere around us, although we do not see it, they occupy the virtual space of the dominant digital world, which as such is built environment increasingly becomes less virtual. Research and experiments were also conducted on this topic to better explain the impact of the virtual world. Is it still virtual? The fact that every second of this data exchanges changes human perception, even the psyche, and the virtual space of the digital world begins to be perceived as personal. That personal space or personal domain is in the frame of the public global virtual world more and more replacing physical space.

However, personal space in the virtual world is questioned here. Is what we think our personal virtual space really is our personal? For example, when we send mail from a smartphone, the data is transmitted via radio waves to our WiFi router, from there to the server, via the Internet protocol, then to the server that is the mail provider to our friend or colleague to whom we send the mail, and finally there where we wanted a friend's mailbox. There is an inherent tendency in the human psyche to think that personal communication comes from the intimate dimension of our personal space. Personal space is a space in which we think, have ideas, communicate with others .... However, studies of the virtual world by scientists have shown that the perceptions of the personal world / space change with the development of the digital world. The term personal space itself has been used and interpreted and perceived differently by architects, urban planners, sociologists, psychologists, geographers. There was a tendency in architecture that personal space is first and foremost our physical personal intimate space. Then the psychologists used to imply the domain of our aura and communication at that level with friends, environments, etc. is a personal space. Sociologists have seen here the social connections and social interactions that determine our personal space. The perception of our personal space also seems to change with virtual space.

In the digital age, what scientists claim is that our personal space is not only physical, but increasingly virtual. Even much of our personal space is virtual.

What does that really mean?

This would mean, according to scientists, that the personal space is no longer just physically our room in the house. Nor is it a balloon of aura that radiates from us like our inner energy or whatever, and reaches the auras of our friends we have met along the way. Our personal space in today's world, in which we live, so very virtual, is a global network of connections, data, waves, which from our computer via the mentioned routers and servers can reach some corner at the opposite end of the planet.

Now let us remember again the claims of scientists that it is innate in the human psyche to perceive their personal space as an intimate dimension of our existence, that is something that is ours, from which we can communicate with someone without invasion from outside or distraction, because it is our personal space. Well, if our personal space is in the virtual world, among other things, a global network of connections, data, waves, etc., it is clear that our personal space is reaching via routers, servers to the other end of the planet. Then our reaction is clear when the invasion of our personal space occurs. More precisely, our personal space in the world we live in is a fragmented form of digital space through networks, routers, servers, and anyone else can easily enter that personal space in our network, as we do in theirs. No wonder there are so many quarrels on various forums, exchanges of views, because everyone is experiencing this scattered network as their personal space, which in the virtual world it is, though one would say that the virtual world is everyone's personal space, so it should be treated in that way.

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