Occasional transformation

Are the famous "try harder" and "willpower" coins sufficient for real transformation? In addition, do we need to completely change the deepest thoughts of the heart, our attitudes, and the source of daily inspiration and energy? Examples of true transformation can be found everywhere in nature. All we have to do is find the sources that really drive us and enable us to transform. Okay, we don't have to transform ourselves, but that is how we fall out of the natural cycles and its gifts. Transformation is as necessary as anything else. New environments, new people, new challenges, new friends, are part of life's dynamics, and it is impossible to make any changes if we initiate change from within. Everyone probably has the experience of trying everything to change their living conditions and situation, but to no avail. It is always necessary for any change to have a change of heart first. That's where life-changing thoughts come from. And it is necessary because although it may seem like some new effort that moves us away from our comfort, transformation is an integral part of the life cycle, it is innate to the human being. No matter how irrelevant and forgotten this may seem, it is necessary in life. Whenever we try to really change something, and first change ourselves, we see from the inside how much we miss it.

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