(Not so) noticeable lesson during a pandemic: nature breathes easier

And while we all wonder when this story with the corona virus will end and when life will return to its former state, or at least a more normal state, as if we fail to observe an important lesson, nature is recovering. Perhaps we need to draw conclusions about how to deal with nature when all this passes, because the fact that nature begins to breathe easier. We are also part of that nature. One lesson is for sure, that when nature recovers, we become more resistant to viruses and with recovered nature there should be fewer pandemics. I mean the ones that come from nature not from the lab, or whatever.

In addition to the tragic outcome of the pandemic, more than 200,000 deaths and the large number of people who lost their jobs, it also shows us our dysfunctional relationship with nature. The economic system exerts unprecedented pressure on nature and this pandemic has simply shed light on this fact. Not only does it show insights into the detrimental effects of existing industry and the economy in general, it also shows what the domino effect is when it all stops because of a pandemic. Perhaps the whole concept and system of the world economy should be based on a greater harmony with nature rather than on the relentless taking and destruction of nature.

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