No one can do anything to us!

Maybe this picture wasn’t weird that we didn’t become too selfish. Many are afraid of wildlife, but don't realise that they are equally afraid of us. Our noise, cars and artificial lights. Now that people have locked themselves in houses and the city life has been quiet, they took the opportunity to walk down the desert streets... This one is a peacock promenade. Is this animal infestation where we are not used to seeing them a sign of life after the epidemic? Will we have to share our streets with more creatures we have seen mostly in pictures and at the zoo in the future? We don't really know if people will find common language with cougars and coyotes, but if there were more walkers like this - it wouldn't bother anyone. This lonely peacock recently was prancing the streets of Dubai. Maybe he came to scouting to see if those boring, noisy people really backed out, so he could call his friends...

In this way, perhaps we should get used to a cleaner nature without ozone holes and not deviate from it. Unless we remain selfish even after this!

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