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No Mo, Jo Mo: Joseph Morelle Under Fire

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Congressman Joe Morelle is still in hot water after refusing to meet with black leaders in the Rochester community.

Community activists and several legislators of color are calling for Morelle’s resignation. The 25th District leader is accused of retaliatory practices. Morelle admitted to contacting RIT regarding an employee, who is also a government official.

According to Monroe County Legislator Sabrina Lamar, she was reprimanded after the congressman called her employer, RIT. According to Lamar, the call stemmed from an interview she did with Robin Wilt. At the time, Robin was running against Morelle in the upcoming 2020 election. It is believed that Morelle not only attempted to get Lamar fired for doing that interview, but he also wanted to intimidate her.

Mayor Lovely Warren condemned Morelle’s actions and stated it is an attack on black women.

Morelle has since apologized, claiming he did not contact Lamar’s employer in an attempt to get her terminated.

However, many believe there was no other reason for the congressman to notify RIT regarding the interview with Wilt.

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