NFAC protest in Lafayette

Rifles, body armour and black uniforms are part of the equipment of an armed paramilitary formation made up of African Americans, which marched during the protest in the American city of Lafayette in Louisiana.

An African-American militia from a group called NFAC gathered in that city to demonstrate against police violence. The Lafayette protest, with an armed group parade, comes amid growing racial tensions in the United States. Several hundred NFAC members, dressed in black uniforms, many with military rifles, body armour and other military equipment, marched through the American city to protest the murder of Trayford Pellerin, an African-American, in that city in August.

One of the reasons for the protest is that a congressman from Louisiana threatened them on Facebook.

The leader of NFAC, who introduces himself as Grand master Jay, also gave a speech in which he referred to Donald Trump's slogan "Let's make America great again".

"That slogan does not apply to us African Americans. "I can't remember the time when it was good for us in this country," he said, to which those gathered responded by chanting "black power".

The march ended peacefully, but one of the participants was arrested because he accidentally fired from his weapon. The NFAC stated that the person was not a member of their organization.

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