New Year's magic, tree and decorations

The New Year is celebrated in almost every part of the world, even in Antarctica, and every corner of the planet is bound by some unusual events or customs that are still respected today. New Year's trees are an indispensable part of winter holidays, and who will set up the most gorgeous, most beautifully decorated and largest tree outdoors is the subject of competition between cities across the globe decades back. The largest natural tree in history is still in the Guinness Book of Records today - a 67.36 meters tree erected at the Northgate Trade Centre in the US city of Seattle in December 1950. This record has not yet been broken.

In order to build the most artificial New Year tree in the world, Sri Lanka's capital, needed to employ about 150 workers. It was 2016. About one million natural coloured cones and 600,000 lamps were used to decorate the metal frame. The Christmas tree was 72.1 meters high, breaking the previous record held by the Chinese with a tree high of 56 meters. Only the star at its peak was 6.1 meters and weighed about 60 pounds. The Sri Lankan Opposition was dismantled in January 2017, but before that it entered the "Guinness Book of Records" ...

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