Netflix viewers left stunned after ‘Girl On The Third Floor’

Netflix viewers have praised the horror film ‘Girl On The Third Floor’ with many dubbing it as one of the scariest movies ever seen.

The severely-acclaimed thriller, released in March 2019 is available on Netflix, the popular streaming site for British fans and has left audiences at home petrified.

The film is hinged on a man named Don Koch, played by Wrestler CM Punk, actual name Phillip Brooks, who was trying to fix a rundown Victorian mansion for his family in order to distance himself from a repugnant past.

The home, a former brothel situated in the suburbs of Chicago has a horrifying history of deadly consequences occurrence, but the characters tried to go against the mystical structure.

Disturbing scenes saw the home excreting what appeared to be bodily fluids from the wall, while also some parts started bleeding when touched.

Viewers, taking to Twitter were eager to express their opinions about the film, admitting it was horrifying as well as mentally disturbing.

A user wrote: ‘The Girl On The Third Floor is now the most disturbing film I have ever watched.’

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