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NCAA Athletes are Finally Getting Paid

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

California was the first state to allow college athletes to earn money through their likeness on September 30, 2019. That means they will be getting paid for things like autograph signings, promoting products and video games.

College athletes are demanded to play sports without generating any compensation. Some athletes that are on scholarship are from impoverished backgrounds and need money as soon as possible to take care of their families. This bill is the first step in a long battle to give players compensation.

What this means is that a player that was pressured to leave college before now can decide to stay in school and pursue his degree and earn money playing sports. College is an experience that changes you and it gives you something to fall back on in case your career ends up short. Players may end up being more mature now that they have to handle large sums of money while in school and pursuing a degree. School can give you the tools to handle money before you embark on a professional career and earn even more money.

There was a plethora of support of the bill from different former college players, professionals and coaches. Names like Draymond Green, LeBron James and Mike Krzyzewski all backed the bill. With growing support and initiative to get other states to pass a bill hopefully this will be countrywide in the near future.

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