Naomi Campbell refused a 'ton of money' to be part of an 'all-black fashion show'

Naomi Campbell has stated that she turned down a bunch of banknotes, more specifically a 'ton of money' to participate in an 'all-black show' because she says she wants to promote 'balanced inclusion' in the fashion industry. The supermodel, 49, spoke candidly about her experiences in the modelling world with The Guardian's Weekend magazine. Discussing how someone called the increase in diversity a 'cult', and her annoyance with this misguided view, she said: 'To hear this called a 'cult', that was like, "wait a second: so you want me to feel back now that things are turning the other way?" No.

'We just want balance, end of story. I won't do an all-black show, for instance, because it would be hypocritical given what I've stood for, for so long. Balanced inclusion.' Going on to reveal that she had been asked to do an exclusively black catwalk show, but refused despite the offer of 'tons of money.'

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