Must see! Vittorio Sgarbi: All this is a lie, tell the people the truth

An Italian politician in the Italian Parliament is shockingly presenting data on the corona pandemic and pointing out the malversation and falsification of data by the Government!

Mass corona hysteria began in Italy. Unverified rumours about thousands of deaths from the corona, lack of respirators, overcrowded hospitals, coffins have nowhere to be dumped, they are transported by trucks, the dead are burned because they have nowhere to bury them, all this was fake news with the aim of causing mass hysteria.

Of course, that has a background, business above all and control of the people, the masses, political opponents.

In vain, renowned doctors from all over the world said that the numbers of deaths were falsified, that the corona was no more dangerous than the common flu, that Italian doctors inadvertently killed patients with too aggressive treatment and unnecessary putting on respirators. All those who did not accept the truth served by the World Health Organization, the mainstream media and political centers, were called out as opponents of the health of the people.

The dead were mostly cremated in Italy so that a later autopsy could not determine the real cause of death, which indicates a kind of conspiracy.

Some media even published pictures and recordings of coffins from Italy, which later turned out to be the coffins of the tragically killed migrants from 2013.

The media have never told the public that Italy, according to official statistics, has the highest flu death rate in Europe due to the large number of elderly people. The average number of deaths this year was over 75, and they were chronic patients with one or more deadly diseases.

In the last 4 years, Italy had a higher number of deaths from the flu in the same period than in 2020, but the media were not interested in that because they placed the data they received from sources known to them.

Italian politician Vittorio Sgarbi made a big scandal in the Parliament with his statements when he revealed hidden data in the public that 96% of those who allegedly died from the corona did not die from the corona at all, but from the deadly diseases they had and that it was all falsified. He also revealed that the figure of 25,000 dead from the corona in Italy was falsified and that everything was an orchestrated fraud.

Vittorio only publicly confirmed that everything was correct, which was warned by many doctors, primarily from Germany, where the death rate is extremely low because the corporate media were not allowed to falsify the data.

You should first watch the video, think soberly, understand that the video is real, that it happened, that the whole of Europe saw it, and ask yourself why all this?

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