More troops at the inauguration in Washington than during the Civil War

The inauguration of Joe Biden, who is the 46th president of the United States, is one of the best-guarded events in the history of that country, and there are more American soldiers in Washington than are currently deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria combined. According to some data, less people defended Washington during the Civil War than troops present at this year's presidential inauguration.

As many as 25,000 members of the National Guard are expected in Washington, and the FBI announced that it is checking each of them. The American public fears infiltrated and radical individuals within the security and military services.

The fact that society is polarized and brought to sharp divisions by all parameters and by all seams. Wherever possible, there are divisions and radical differences of opinion like never before in recent history.

The capital of the USA currently looks more like a war scene than the capital of the world's most influential democracy.

Due to the recent attack of Donald Trump supporters on the Congress building, caution has been increased in the capital in order to prevent new similar incidents at the inauguration. Biden has already said that he is not afraid to take the oath in the open in front of the Capitol, the same building that the protesters broke into, and his team said that they wanted to send a picture of the resistance of American democracy to the world.

We hope that democracy, by which America was recognizable, though not perfect, will still overcome the current divisions and dangerous polarization with elements of madness, esotericism, hatred, paranoia and all other things that are inappropriate for the 21st century.

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