Moon base - how to make it safe for tourists

And here's a handy guide on how to build a moon base, since we've been living in the era of modern technology for a while, this kind of moon base is certainly in. This is the goal of many companies and rich nations, since more than half a century has passed since the first man walked the surface of the moon, now it is the turn of such a single walk on that same surface, if not everyday, at least in the announcement. Therefore, if you are a member of a rich nation that will refund every such project in the near future, and you have it and you have no money, so you are waiting for a budget for something like that, or you are the owner of a company that wants to create a moon base for free, leisure walk and relaxation , then you should know, if you don't already know, the following things.

First you will need to solve the problem of extreme conditions on the moon so that in such a walk you can enjoy at least a little bit, otherwise you may freeze and experience a heat stroke etc. The reason for this is a 28-day rotation period, which means that two weeks is a night, which is good for those who like to walk the night, but what about the rest. Then two weeks of sunshine, i.e. daylight, so temperatures can reach 130 degrees plus. During the night which lasts for 14 days, the same temperature can drop to minus 247 degrees. Extreme right?

Then there are some of the more serious problems, such as a weak protective atmosphere on the moon, so there is a risk of cosmic radiation. Although on earth radiation is increasing, although some claim it is not, but it seems to go towards equalising these radiation, so whoever has enough money can easily go to the moon base and change the radiation mode. Not the intensity, but the way, you know what fancy is, so you can choose this or that radiation. However, this would mean that such bases on the moon have thick enough walls, and visitors to that same base have bulky and thick suits so that radiation does not blow them directly into space.

A somewhat minor problem is the frequent micrometeorite strikes, in other words, flying stones, which you will need to skillfully avoid and escalate while they flying around.

Also, when some of mentioned enthusiasts expand the first bases and start actually building structures on the moon, lunar concrete, which is a mixture of sulphur and aggregate (grains or crushed rock – normal concrete is aggregate, cement and water) would be a good option. That’s because it’s non-porous, strong and doesn’t require water, which is in short supply on the moon.

Another problem is the low gravity on the moon – only a sixth of that at earth. Over time, this can cause problems such as muscle and bone loss. And that, unless you've been blown away by cosmic radiation before. Any permanent lunar settlement must minimise these risks, for example by making exercise a requirement.

There are also problems with power supply, it might set up some converter to convert cosmic energy or whatever, into useful power for power supply. In addition, recycling, and many other activities like this on earth, remain to be seen. After all, let's wait for the first agency offers to travel to the moon bases, to see the price and what the conditions of travel are. Some of the scientists' assumptions are that all the bases and facilities will have to be made on the earth and in some form transposed to the moon and placed there, so that tourists can reach those bases safely. I mean safe, that they do not become boneless or muscle free. Therefore, if you are a member of a rich nation, or have a company with plans like this, keep in mind what conditions you will prepare for the tourists in your moon bases.

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