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Men and Their Egos

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

So I made this post about a year ago on facebook and decided to elaborate on it.

Men and women were raised to follow certain standards and act a certain way. Women are to be seen and not heard, men are to be the head of the house. We are to submit to them, let them lead us; BUT, we are also their backbones. God made us from them, to support them and nuture them, but it was never said that they couldn’t be vulnerable to their woman.

I feel like if we are in a relationship, we should be each others support system. We should be best friends as well as lovers. We should be open and honest with one another. If you are going through something and you need a shoulder to cry on, why can’t it be your woman? She should be your go to person. She should be the one you confide in with no judgement. For whatever reason, a lot of men were raised to not cry, not show emotion. It’s a sign of weakness, when in actuality, it’s not. Men should be able to show all their emotions like women. No, I’m not saying be a crybabyp, but there are times when you just need to let your emotions out and you need to be able to trust the person who sees that side of you.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some women that think a vulnerable man is a weak man. Men shouldn’t be soft but hard at all times. NEWSFLASH: Even the most gangsta man has a soft side. It can be for his mom, his grandma, his kids(especially a daughter), his sister, etc. Every man has a soft spot but like I said, they were raised to not show it. I’ve been in a couple relationships where the guys were tough and broke down to me because they trusted me and felt comfortable being themselves with me. I never judged them, I comforted them like I should. That’s what a real woman does.

I really hope that one day a lot of men, who haven’t already, learn to let their guards down, but for the right woman. Not all women deserve to see you at your worst. If we as women are able to break down our walls and show you the real us, then you guys should be able to do the same.

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