Meghan and Harry shook the golden cage of the monarchy (please God and other cages)

Once upon a time, thirteen colonies in America raised a revolution for independence from the British Crown. The immediate cause was "taxation without representation" but the deeper and essential reason was the arrogant attitude of the crown and the king towards the colonies. And so, through struggle and revolution, independence was won, in which, according to the declaration, everyone had the right to life, liberty and personal happiness. The British Crown stated that some new times were coming and that the tradition must be preserved. Thus, to this day, Buckingham Palace traditionally protects the royal family by drawing the curtain between the public, the formal and the personal; refusal to comment about personal life. Such an attitude is a strategic interpretation of the family maxim - "never explain, never complain". Indeed, there are rules and protocols that separate the royal family from the "rest of the world." And this division, although often not emphasized, remains the guiding principle of the family's formal relationship with the outside world.

But now there are contradictions that arise from the combination of personal and public.

What is traditionally publicly related to the royal family are weddings in front of an audience of millions, the queen's birthday, various anniversaries and funerals. What is personal and remains "within the family" are various unwritten rules and perhaps the same arrogant attitudes that led to the Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. This inner cold arrogance within the royal family was once shaken by Princess Diana, who was first of all the mother of two princes and then a princess, which I think was less important to her. It was Diana who was the contradiction between the strict rules of family private life and public appearances. This has also been happening in recent years, as well as the last days when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan performed at Oprah Winfrey.

Some key allegations relate to the personal behaviour and comments of members of the royal family and how, through collective neglect and perhaps some bad intention, Harry and Meghan were left with only one choice - to leave.

Other statements painted a horrible portrait of the staff and courtiers without feeling.

The whole institution is presented as if nothing had been learned from the time of Princess Diana.

Meghan is an amazing speaker and has proven to be a tough nut to crack, a woman not to be played with and tackled. In doing so, she delivered several of the heaviest blows.

What can the Palace say about the allegations that an unnamed family member had a comment - more than one, according to the statement - on the skin colour of the couple's future child?

Separation from the ordinary world, coldness, arrogance, and even racism circulate within the royal family. From the same family that has nurtured the same tradition and culture for centuries and because of which independence was won. But the world we live in is full of absurdity. You'll figure out what I mean. I want this couple Harry and Meghan to have this last battle, so difficult, but the mentioned absurdities are lurking everywhere. Not to mention that the independence won is also full of racism.

Harry also condemned the traditions and rules of the royal family and monarchy, as something incapable of change, incapable of love, incapable of understanding. The contradictions of the Palace are precisely what makes it so special, strange, interesting and unacceptable - the merging of personal and public roles, the growth of tradition, the mixture of public responsibility, the constant interest of the media and the need to continue to be relevant. Royal life is led from a gilded cage; it is not foreseen that someone outside who does not belong there by origin shakes the bars. These are contradictions from which Harry distanced himself (or, according to him, deviated).

He was uncomfortable before he got married. And when he saw his wife suffer because she was "trapped" in royal life, he found a way out with her.

There are also contradictions behind the many decisions they both talked about and which are obviously very unfortunate. I would add that there are many more absurdities in the whole world, this is the top of the hill ... They moved to America. A country that once opposed the contradictions and arrogance of the crown. And then it created its own towards some others and spread intolerance to this day. Not through the royal family but through institutions.

The next contradictions would be that public money is the one that pays for security, even though the royal family is too rich, and tradition is the one that dictates who will get which title, there is no human rights department for members of the royal family, because it is a family matter, then, what you do in front of the camera is important because it reflects on the institution as a whole.

This intertwining of the personal and the public is unique.

That is what a modern monarchy is, but even two centuries ago, that same monarchy did not differ in essence, although there were no cameras, but all the absurdities were the same. And these absurdities are still spreading outside the monarchy all over the world.

And inside the royal family is often an extremely uncomfortable place to live. I would add, it is uncomfortable in its own specific way, just as it is otherwise uncomfortable outside the monarchy.

The experience of Harry and Meghan suggests that the contradictions are too great. Maybe their interview will act as a catalyst for change.

But the Crown has existed for a very long time and changes do not come easily to an institution in which the past plays a big role. I would say that there will be no any changes in the royal family. That coldness, absurdity, racism, arrogance can only be exported from the Crown to the rest of the world and applied in a different form, but essentially exactly the same.

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