Matthew McConaughey hosts a virtual bingo night for elders

Many celebrities help the elderly either by getting groceries and medical supplies for them or by organising online bingo sessions, such as Matthew McConaughey. In this way, they help the elderly to maintain not only physical but also mental health during this global crisis. Figures on statistics of the sick and the dead certainly add to the fear and panic, and thus the stress of the world population, so these online pastimes are certainly a good fit for mental health care.

Isolating from other people for weeks on end can be dreadful and lonely. It’s important to remember that our mental health and outlook is the best driver of action. It’s okay to be scared and anxious, but faith and courage are what we need to have too. They’re what drives action, and action creates solutions. Thankfully, many celebrities are as concerned as the rest of us. A lot of wealthy and influential celebs have reflected on their advantaged positions and wealth during this crisis. A great number of them have decided to give back and help the affected as much as their wealth allowed.

Anyone who’s had to take care of grandparents, or work in a retirement home, will easily know the needs of the elderly. They need things like their medicine, walkers, rest and dentures, sure. Though perhaps the most important, above all those things, is attention and love. When you’re at retirement age, it’s way harder to take a bus trip to see your friends or take walks together.

McConaughey was very concerned about this. Many seniors are probably in isolation feeling down that they can’t see their families or take morning walks. So he gathered dozens of them on a video chat room and hosted a bingo game for them, putting smiles back on all their faces.

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