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Martial arts- Ninja

I felt like as a kid that I was "Blackanese" . My mom was really and she still really into martial arts, the movies, the culture, clothes and of course the fighting. She used to dress my sister and I in Chinese clothes. I felt like as a child I was training up to become a "ninja" by the strange training I was getting just when I barely could walk. Martial arts is defined as codified systems and traditions of combat practiced for a number of reasons such as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications. It is also has physical, mental, and spiritual development. It help me not be so angry as a child. Now as an adult the things I learned started to make sense.

I learned jiu jitsu, while most people learn karate which is more popular. The different forms of martial arts include: bokator, combato, jeet kun do, shippalgi, capoeria, kajukenbo, keysi fighting method, sambo, dim oak, kyokushin, bojuka, siltat, brazilian jiu jitsu, systematics, muay thai, kapu kuialua, bacom, arnis, pugilism, vale tudo, ninjutsu, krav maga, judo, kickboxing, aikido, taekwondo, traditional boxing, and wrestling.

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