Love of travel

Travelling is a fun for some, for some a need for work, and for some a way of life, at least a good part of life. No matter how you travel, by plane to the other side of the world, or some long distance, or an old-school way with good cars, sail the roads across the continent or a fully equipped van, travelling is freedom. There are many wonderful quotes about travel that are very true, for example, travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer. There are also ancient travel quotes, and one is wonderful, a good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. This is the thought of the ancient philosopher Lao Tzu, and however it may seems today that every journey must have an ultimate destination, this ancient saying completely gives the true meaning of the journey. It is only the journey that makes us free.

There is also an ancient Greek term for those who like to travel more than their final destination, which in translation would roughly mean lover of roads. That's right, be on the road. Being on the road, not by the road and watching. Or be in the air, just to keep it moving.

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