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Local Fall Festival!

Our little town hosts a Fall Festival nearly every year where there are different activities sidewalk sales and the craft fair at the armory. There was more to do this year which is really encouraging. The first couple of years were a bit small but now that word is starting to get out about it more people are coming and participating.

Okay, okay, so the festival wasn't that exciting but it's not often that this small town holds a community activity outside of "trick or treat street" or winter festival or the annual Easter egg hunt at the park. We did, however, have more to do this year. They had some new shops open with sidewalk sales and they had the local Bar-b-Que truck there this year along with one from Pizza Hut. The local doughnut shop was selling glazed doughnuts and coffee for $0.30 each.

One of the thrift shops in town was open and had really good deals and I picked up a Wilton Scarecrow pan to add to my collection. Anyway they also had pumpkin painting station where kids could paint small pumpkins. They also they had a metal roping steer where anyone could try their hand at roping! It was pretty funny to watch my best friend and neighbor try to rope the metal steer. This year they had a corn pit (sand box, but with dried corn kernels) which was different and unique. They had little wood cutouts where you could take your children's photo if you could get them to stand still long enough.

The craft show had a lot of manufactured items this year and many hand made crafts like you would expect. This year we did have someone who worked with clay and would odds and ends. The vendor that had the wood had cups, plaques, yard steaks, and other novelty items. There was the usual Tupperware sales representative, and there was the Sensity vendor as well, and a couple other ones as well.

I hope next year they have even more things to do. Let's keep expanding this tradition for future people to experience and turn it into a beloved tradition! I hope you enjoyed my take on our little festival. Thank you for reading.

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