Life-danger touch

And now a few more official and serious facts. Experts around the world advise us to avoid touching the face to reduce the risk of infection. However, refraining from this established habit is not at all easy. The research of Sydney scientists from 2015, often mentioned these days in the light of a new pandemic, showed how much the need is expressed in people, usually unconscious, to feel lips, eyes, nose under the fingers.

At the time it was done, no one suspected the appearance of COVID-19, but its results can serve as a warning for any respiratory disease that, among other things, is transmitted by dirty hands. All of this applies to previous pandemics and viruses when there was no lock-down. In any case, this is apart from the fact that it should be a matter of general culture, also a reality of the human instinctive reflex, which is not always easy to control. Australian scientists recorded the behaviour of medical students from New South Wales at lectures and monitored how many times they would touch the face. A total of 26 participants, in just over 240 minutes, did it 2,346 times! Almost half (44 percent) of them touched their eyes, nose or mouth. In an hour, students touched their face an average of 23 times (or once every 2.5 minutes).

If we take into account that certain viruses enter the body through the mucous membrane in the nose, mouth and eyes, this habit, present in all individuals, is so dangerous at a time when the body needs to be protected from disease ...

So be careful when you go to bars and restaurants to relax, not only at the time of the corona, but otherwise!

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