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Let the innocent live

Another tragedy by the hands of the police. Another innocent person killed in the privacy of their own home. Atatiana Jeffererson, 28 years old who was majoring in pre-med at Xavier University and took care of her sick mother was shot by the police. She was found playing video games with her 8 year-old nephew. She was unarmed so I don't understand why she was shot. I recently found out her neighbor called the police about his welfare check and the cops came and shot his neighbor (Atatiana Jefferson). I don't understand how someone getting shot over a welfare check which she didn't have the check. We need justice and not so many trigger-happy police officers shooting innocent people. Can the police let the innocent live? Are we innocent until proven guilty? This shoot now and ask questions later doesn't work because you would have anyone to ask questions too because they are dead. A GoFund me is set up for her funeral expenses by Lee Merrit Esq. who also represented Bothem Jean's case. I really want all these shootings to stop.Where is a safe place? If it's not in our own homes, there were can anyone feel at safe at?

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