Leonardo DiCaprio helping a tourist with directions in New York City

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio will help you out if you need help finding a directions at any time of the day and in any weather. Recently, Leonardo was spotted helping a lost tourist with directions as he stepped out in the West Village of New York City for a meal with a close friend, Entourage star, Kevin Connolly. He kept it warm on a drizzly day in the Big Apple wearing a navy blue collection of a bomber jacket over a hooded shirt with white sneakers and blue jeans. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor also donned a black ball cap and had a backpack strapped during his outing, as the tourist didn’t appear to recognise the supportive celebrity. On the other hand, Connolly wore a black coat, khaki pants, white sneakers, and black leather gloves. Connolly, popularly known for playing Eric Murphy on Entourage had a lollipop on his hand as he hung out with friend Leonardo. DiCaprio’s friendship with Connolly, however, dates back decades as it was legendarily declared in Leo, Prince of the City, 1998 NY Magazine piece.

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