Lawsuit against Los Angeles Times journalist over Serbian film

The denial of genocide against one nation, which has happened in history, is perhaps an even greater genocide; direct spitting on crime victims. Recently, a Serbian film about genocide during WW2, appeared, and this is a genocide against Serbs in the infamous concentration camp Jasenovac. It was just one of the camps where, in addition to Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were killed during WW2, in the Independent State of Croatia, which was a fascist creation under Hitler's direct influence. And what is in dispute here? One of the journalists from the Los Angeles Times wrote the worst about the film because, in his opinion, it is about "Serbian nationalist propaganda". The film may be an Oscar nominee for a foreign film outside the English-speaking world. Now, the question arises whether the "Schindler's List" film about the Holocaust in Germany was Jewish propaganda? And many more such films on the subject of the Holocaust all fall under "dirty Jewish nationalist propaganda"? Of course not, as well as many films from Bosnia that talk about the crimes of Serbs in Srebrenica. One such film is currently in preparation. Due respect for innocent victims should be paid in any case, regardless of nationality. Then why is the film about Serbian victims called "Dara of Jasenovac" a problem? Is that lobbying again doing its thing because of dirty money and because some journalists are ready to spit on the victims. The film is already being shown in several cities in America, and according to the viewers who often came out of the cinemas crying, it was well received by the audience. Each of the interviewed viewers said after the film that they would definitely recommend the film to others. It is a touching story about a girl who took care of her brother in the camp and has nothing to do with propaganda, but with human destinies in a whirlwind of madness, fascism and racism. If someone received money to spit on the film, his honour is at question, but the journalistic profession should not spit on the victims who cannot defend themselves. Like any other victim of racial prejudice, injustice, etc.

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