Latino voters crucial on the way to the White House?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

According to historical facts, but also according to polls, Latin American voters give support that can be crucial on the way to the White House. Still, both Democrats and Republicans seem to forget about this part of the American population and remember them just before the election. So every four years. This example, according to the Latin Americans themselves living in America, is an obvious example of the opportunism that exists towards them. Before each election, "care" grows for them as well, clearly with cynicism and unscrupulous courtship in order to achieve the goal. That is why this phenomenon is called Christopher Columbus syndrome.

Historically, Latin Americans have always been more pro-Democrat and this party's attention should be more frequent and honest with Latinos. According to the Latino Decisions survey conducted in August, 66% of those registered will vote for Biden, while 24% are in favor of Trump. Democrats should understand this as a sign that they are dealing with this part of the population more honestly and comprehensively, not just before the elections.

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