Late summer colours

Does it suit you, when summer comes into its late phase and autumn is slowly approaching, it is still summer, but something more fresh with the golden-yellow-brown colour of the sun's rays and not so intense heat. I love this part of the summer, it's not so hot you still wear short sleeves and slowly let the nostalgia roll in before the fall.

It may not be so for everyone, but I feel some calmness and purification. It is as if, after passing through the heat of summer, and some kind of combustion, we become cleaner, wiser, lighter with a reminder of what we really are. Then I also like to stare at the night starry sky, in no hurry, light and with some strange feeling of pleasure, just because of the fact that it's late summer. Then the night smells of meadow grass, and some strange silent flames with a scent of wisdom is tucked into the chest and under the skin. Delight is an integral part of the experience and at least during this period, the thought, that we can rise from everyday life.

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