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Las Vegas Community Steps Up to Corona

Image by Jonathan Borba

Several small businesses are stepping up after CCSD schools close. While schools still do everything they can to feed families in need, options are opening up around the community as well. Las Vegas small businesses are offering breakfast and lunch to those who need it.

Sunday, March 15th, CCSD announced immediate school closures over the next four weeks. This announcement left minimal time for family planning. Many families in the district rely on the schools for meals and childcare. Many establishments are doing everything in their power to be there for their communities. Griddlecake and Stacks & Yolks posted just minutes after the conference that they will be providing free meals. Both businesses will be welcoming students Monday - Friday from 11am-1pm. Cereal Killers Kitchen offered the same "no questions asked". They will be open to those in need from 12pm-3pm. Other restaurants are doing what they can to help their community. Slatter's 50/50 is offering a 30% discount to struggling locals.

When the Vegas community is in trouble, its residents come together. A beautiful thing in a difficult time.

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