Koirala has rescued over 18,000 women from sex trafficking

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Anuradha Koirala is a woman from Nepal, Kathmandu, to whom, as she says, Mother Teresa was an inspiration. It really is no accident what and who will be our inspiration, because Anuradha has always known that her life profession will be, to help people. She was a teacher to young children in Kathmandu, and after two decades she decided to take a step forward and begin the mission of saving women from trafficking, abuse, and exploitation. As she put it, she came up with this idea in the early 1990's when she saw girls and women begging in front of temples, while she was walking through the streets of Kathmandu. She slowly got them to talk to her and she found out that these women were forced to beg. During those conversations, Koirala learned more about the suffering of these women, and sympathised with them because she herself had experienced abuse from her ex-husband. Koirala said she was beaten every day by her ex-husband and had three miscarriages, which she believes were the result of beatings. It seems that her decision to change careers, and embark on a mission to help and rescue women, was an experience of personal trauma. So, encouraged by these women on the street and their tragic stories, she resolved to help them and face personal trauma at the same time and emerge victorious.

Koirala then actively began educating women about their rights, even offering them assistance in keeping them out of the street. Initially, only eight women accepted her help. She gave each of them 1000 rupees to run small street shops. So in 1993, she founded the Maiti Nepal Foundation, which was service and assistance to the women and children who were being exploited. She directed a special activity to help sexually exploited women, who are forced to serve as a sex slavery across the Nepal border. It is estimated that in the 26 years that the Maiti Nepal Foundation has existed, about 18,000 women have been rescued from sex trafficking.

A brave and courageous woman first and foremost, but also with the idea, vision and decision to change herself, face personal trauma and help others.

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