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Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West and lupus scare

I wouldn't wish anything bad on anyone. I myself deal with lupus so to hear someone else might actually have lupus, my heart goes out to them.The diagnosis itself is depressing and devastating but hope does come afterwards. I watched "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and saw the episode that Kim was dealing with symptoms of swelling, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, fatigue and had to get on meds. She basically said "auto-immune issues". From the episodes, the symptoms sounded like it was lupus. Lupus is an auto-immune disease that can attack any organ of your body.

It's not set in stone that she has the illness. People in my family have been tested and didn't have the disease even though they had positive antibodies. The doctors would have to really go through a series of different tests, especially the Ana test to find out if she really have the disease. In the episode there wasn't a straight answer that she had the disease so I hope things get better for her and her pregnancy.


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