Kim Kardashian slammed for ‘hypocritical’ climate change message amid Australia fires

Kim Kardashian has been accused of being ‘hypocritical’ after she tweeted a message about climate change. The TV star, who recently celebrated New Year with her husband Kanye West, took to social media to express distress at the horrifying fires raging across Australia as the country suffers its worst wildfire season on record. ‘Climate change is real,’ the 39-year-old tweeted, adding broken-heart and Earth emojis. However, the tweet has caused backlash, with some arguing that a portion of Kim’s wealth could go a long way in the climate crisis.

Others have also referenced the Kardashian and Jenners’ use of private jets, although some have stuck up for the star, pointing out that her followers have no way of knowing whether or not she has donated privately. ‘Please consider this when you and you’re loved ones are flying in and out of cities/countries in private jets like it is nothing…’ one follower told her. ‘And money can help solve it!’ another said, while one more told her: ‘Just wish we knew someone who had the finances to help.’

One more unimpressed follower added: ‘Donate your billions of dollars to fix it then.’ Kim, who has an estimated net worth of $350 million, previously threw her support behind ‘courageous’ climate change activist Greta Thunberg and has spoken out on teaching her kids about helping the environment. Adding that she’d love her kids to meet her, she pointed out that the 17-year-old is ‘so brave and courageous to stand up to these grown-ups that can be very scary and for her to be so open and honest is exactly what we need.’

Speaking to Reuters, Kim said she would ‘absolutely’ like to go to dinner with Greta, adding: "I would really love to speak to her parents and to see how they’ve encouraged her."

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