Kim Kardashian has not impressed fans with a donation to fight OCVID-19

Kim Kardashian has promised to donate $ 1 million to fight COVID-19 while promoting her SKIMS brand. Therefore, she was condemned by the public for stating that she would raise donation money by restocking and selling her product. Many have considered this move and statement to be selfish and insensitive as the entire project is worth about $ 350 million. In addition, it is not moral to make a profit with the promise of assistance to fight COVID-19, when many people do not work and have no income at the time of the pandemic.

One of the fans wrote: "Kim you and your family are rich as hell why do you need to make a profit off of everything. If you truly care about donating just donate $1 million but the thing is you don't care about people who have less than you."

Another fan pointed out that in order to restock her shape wear, workers would have to put themselves in potentially dangerous situations and not be able to practice social distancing.

They wrote: "I thought you said your practising social distancing.. will your workers be social distancing while working for u restocking, packing and trying to sell your products or does it only apply to the privileged?

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