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Keeping Track of News About Trump

For nearly three years, I have felt like I could keep track of the news surrounding Trump's presidency -- until recently. Now, it has become hard to follow what is going on.

The news comes in tiny drips and drabs, like a hurricane that is moving very slowly, but is filled with heaviness and makes serious impacts on land and sea. On the one hand, I feel overwhelmed, but on the other hand, I figuratively tap my foot with impatience.

Some people on the news talk about how frequent they have to announce breaking news, so this isn't just me talking in a vacuum.

What can one do here? Is it that important to keep up with the news? For the sake of understanding the developing narrative, yes, but maybe looking up Trump on Google after a week will help figure out a clear narrative. As excited as I am about the news, maybe that is a more grounded way to keep track of news about President Trump.

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