Keep smiling Kamala!

US Vice President Kamala Harris is on the third place on Forbes' list of the most powerful and influential women in the world. Kamala can be said freely, fully deservedly at such a high place, because her influence is what the civic world wants.

When it comes to influence, it is evident not only in the political world. Her remark “I am speaking” during the debate with Pence is much more than just political influence. It can easily be classified as a modern influencer, because her replica has a social, racial, and every other connotation related to the civic morality of today. Her replica of “I’m speaking” found its way onto thousands of memes even on T-shirts. Clearly, this woman is a symbol of the strength and social status of many. In addition to the symbol for the gathering of women, her appearance and appearance instil hope in anyone who wants to think freely.

Characters like Kamala always easily and quickly find their way to ordinary and free-minded people, and the proof of the strength of her influence on people is that she is on the third place on the Forbes list as a debutant. So not without reason in my opinion. The fact that the long-time experienced politician Angela Merkel is on the first place, who has been here for ten years, and the second-placed European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde. I heard about Angela Merkel and I know who she is, I hear about the second-placed lady for the first time and I have no idea who she is, and I think the whole world knows about Kamala.

Of course, Kamala is not ideal either, and she doesn't want to be that, she just wants to be what she is and that's why she captivates with her appearance and performance. Why not mention that Kamala is better ranked on the Forbes list than, say, Melinda Gates or Nancy Pelosi. It speaks for itself. Not to be someone who is outside of all of us, but someone who is one of us.

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