Kamala wears sneakers - a woman of action

Kamala Harris wears sneakers not during a walk or jog, but during an official political campaign. Much is known about this woman, among other things, that she is an immigrant daughter, and active in public appearances and support for Biden. It is well known that there is etiquette regarding clothing and footwear for women in political office. These are, above all, clothes that correspond to the protocol and high heels.

Elizabeth Semmelhack, the author of Sneaker X Culture, says the sneakers Kamala wears are a signal for much-needed action.

“The sneakers are acting as the sartorial equivalent of being willing to roll up her sleeves,” she says. They suggest Harris “is a woman of action”.

This detail clearly indicates the readiness for changes that are adequate to the political and social moment, but also in every other sense.

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