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Justice or Mercy?

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I thought the safest places a person could dwell is the privacy of their own home. Well I was wrong. Bothem Jean, a 26 year old man was minding his own business, in his own apartment, yet he was shot by his neighbor Amber Guyer. Amber, claimed she mistakenly thought Bothem was breaking into her apartment. The justice for this MISTAKE was 10 years in prison. I really don't like pulling the race card, but this seems unfair. If a black person would have done the same crime, I believe a life sentence would have been delivered, rather someone was murdered or not.

Then to make matters worst, witness Joshua Brown, one of Bothem Jean's neighbors and a key witness in this trial, was murdered shortly after the trial ended. Reports state, Joshua was shot and killed near an apartment complex over a drug deal gone wrong. His murder raises some serious questions, was his murder related to the case or just bad timing? Many of us understand the rules of the streets. Did the hood consider Joshua a snitch? Or did the police have something to do with his murder and conveniently label it drug related? Either way, taking innocent people lives makes no sense to me. Joshua stood up and testified for his neighbor Bothem Jean.

I really wish the killings would stop and people would wait before they react. Now, two people lives have been lost. If someone would have thought first before making a reaction, maybe these incidents would have turned out differently.

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