Josephus Davis (20), the murderer of a young Serb, was arrested

The killer of a student of Serbian origin is known. It is 20 years old Josephus Davis, who was arrested for the murder of Milan Loncar. Milan was shot in cold blood while walking a dog near his house. The killer has long been known to the police. Namely, he was on parole at the time of the crime.

Two weeks before Loncar's murder, the suspect was accused of stealing a car and kidnapping, but also of attacking a prison guard. However, he was released after paying bail.

Besides Davis, the Philadelphia police arrested another person for the attack on Loncar, but the identity is not known yet. Josephus is charged with murder, complicity in murder, possession of an illegal weapon and carrying without a permit and possession of a weapon with which a crime was committed.

Although he is currently marked as the only accused, according to the law of Pennsylvania, as the local media explained, all participants in the robbery with a fatal outcome are guilty of second-degree murder.

Davis was arrested when the local police stopped the car for stealing a vehicle, in which there were three other people, but they only took Davis away. The media in Philadelphia write that Davis was dressed in the same clothes he had on the fateful evenings, when he intercepted a bare-handed Loncar on the street.

Davis was also identified thanks to security camera footage from a nearby building, which shows two men approaching Loncar and pointing a gun at him, with the intention of robbing him. While one searched his pockets, the other fired a shot into his chest. When the police arrived on the spot, Loncar was still holding the leash in his hands, but unfortunately there was no way out .

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