Jon Bon Jovi's Charity Restaurants

Jon Bon Jovi is not only a well-known, outspoken and influential rock musician, he is also known for many other things. In addition to starring in some series, being selected as the most attractive artist, political activist, he is also very humanitarian. Namely, Bon Jovi has opened two charity restaurants where those without many resources can eat for free. Of course there are many restaurants like this that are open by non-celebrities around the world, but Bon Jovi may not have been known for his charity work, and he's considered one who stands out for that.

The name of the nonprofit is Soul Kitchen, run by the JBJ Foundation. Donations provide 51% of the funds for the supply of restaurants and the remaining 49% are covered by voluntary work. There are no prices at Soul Kitchen plates, and payment for food is optional. Anyone can donate to, say, $ 20, and they can dine for free. Anyone who is able to help can later assist in the kitchen or restaurant by volunteering. There are a lot of homeless people who come here and they can of course eat for free with some later voluntary help, while those who do not have many resources can give as much as they want, some form of donation.

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