Jason Momoa in bubbles for bizarre Super Bowl commercial

Jason Momoa got very, very comfortable in a weird new commercial for Rocket Mortgage, scheduled for release at the Super Bowl.

The actor made himself at home in just 60 seconds and was spotted plucking his eyebrows, talking into the mirror while also playing around in a bubble bath.

Giggling all by himself in the tub, it was evident he was having a really good time. In another scene, the widely-loved Aquaman actor soaked while glancing through a juicy novel.

Being all Goofy, piling up bubbles onto his face as well as talking to his dog, his body-physique was very much still swoon-inducing.

Showing off his silly side, the actor further lounged around in double robes as he sang loudly into a hairbrush. Jason also gazed at himself in the mirror, calling out his name again and gain.

"Jason Momoa like you’ve never seen him," the commercial ended as the actor did his karate chop. Momoa also growled before walking off the screen: "Momoa Bowl".

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