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It's Sunday LOL

So this will be my first blog on here and another blogger inspired me to write on mommy life lol. I am a mother of 4 beautiful girls that I usually call my minions; because they are very busy bees. They are 11, 8, 4, and 3. Being a mother, your weekends are never yours. This weekend might be the first somewhat normal one; meaning I was able to sleep in past 9am. My 2 youngest typically wake up early as hell in the morning and come climb in bed with me. Smh. I can't even enjoy my king size bed to myself. If they don't go back to sleep automatically, they usually steal their 2 older sisters cellphones and start playing games or watching YouTube lol. Told you they're busy and sneaky too. But I love them and would be lost without them. They definitely keep me on my toes. I know this wasn't a lot to say but I will definitely be posting more topics. Thanks for reading!

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