It's not a theory or a conspiracy, it's good business

Bill Gates continues to shake the public. With his "seeing" of the world after the corona, with his views on healing, simply on everything. Why would he give so much money in finding a vaccine, or rather, invest? He no longer deals with computer viruses, he abandoned them a long time ago, but the biological ones, which he has been dealing with for years and why he divided the public. And we have already heard that, these are new pandemics that he "prophetically" predicts. Interesting, and worthy of every wonder, is his journey from a computer scientist to a "concerned" philanthropist who so precisely "predicts" diseases and new pandemics for which we need to prepare in advance. Just tell Bill what's next, what do we need to get? The ways of doing business are becoming more and more perfidious and incomprehensible to us ordinary people at first sight, which is why it can be attributed to us at any time that we are phobic and believe in conspiracy theories.

Is it easy to separate Bill the philanthropist and the Gates businessman in such perfidious ways of doing business? Of course it is not. Because his humanitarian job also knew how to be in the service of business. It is indisputable that he belongs to the globalist political elite, which believes that he should continue to rule the world, not accepting that it is changing. All over the world, with the presence of big business and corporations, there is a growing awareness of the dangers of such an attitude of the elite made up of a small number of people (seen globally), who at least think they are. If you look at the money they own, it's like that. If we look at each individual life, they are far from it.

Gates presented a vision of a post corona world that, he believes, will not return to normal life by eliminating the virus. What should be a comforting assessment of the man who warned about the possibility of a world pandemic in 2015, is that the next disease will be less destructive because we will practice responding to it.

If we ask ourselves how the American, undoubtedly the strongest scientific community in the world, reacts to the messages sent with an authoritative attitude by the virologist from the hobby, Bill Gates, we will see that it is also divided. Now if we ask the question of whether this is a coincidence, we can fall into the trap of conspiracy theory. But we will ask.

The Gates Foundation is a donor of funds to both state and private science centers and laboratories, which therefore uncritically accept everything he says. There is also a group of scientists, doctors who are critical of what the response to the virus was and therefore not only should not follow the recommendations coming from the political and scientific mainstream related to Gates, but that some procedures should be initiated to they are responsible for the consequences they have caused by severe measures.

They argue about every question, even how dangerous the virus is. At the beginning, it was said that it would result in three to four percent mortality, and now we see that in the United States it ranges from a little less than one percent to a little over one percent, which can be compared to the common flu. Hence the criticism of scientists directed at Gates' assessments by the chief expert in the fight against the virus, Dr. Fauci. To be clear, literally everyone’s life is much more valuable than anyone's controversy or political stance on the virus. People need to be treated, and the spread of the virus prevented. But it should be from truly humane beliefs, not from political beliefs, the imposition of opinions, divisions in the medical community. With this elitist attitude and "offering" a solution and "giving advice" on how to live, Gates certainly contributed to the division.

When we listen to Gates, we have to keep in mind a few things, and the first is that he is completely connected with scientists who belong to the political mainstream, not only in America, but all over the world. They receive funds from his foundation and there is a conflict of interest, so we cannot expect them to have a critical attitude about any statement that comes from the person who finances them.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private or non-governmental financier of the World Health Organization (WHO) with a payment of a whopping 324.6 million dollars, which was the second largest, just behind the US state with the amount of 401 million. This financial support is more than a simple conflict of interest and that it is de facto an usurpation of a UN agency, which is responsible for coordinating the global response to the challenges of epidemics and diseases. The Gates Foundation, which is the largest in the world with $ 50 billion in capital, is investing its tax-exempt dollars in vaccine manufacturers, such as Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, and GSK.

Gates' large-scale philanthropy spread around the world. Thus, the competent licensing authority in Switzerland, Swissmedic, which decides which vaccine and which medical devices will be used in that country, accepted funds from the Bill Gates Foundation, which the media assessed as problematic, because the independence of the institution is the most important.

Donations from the Gates Foundation have also reached China, with whose authorities it cooperates in the field of health.

And here we wonder whether it is philanthropy or business? They seem to be connected and that is a trend of an elite in the world. Philanthropy is used when it can be of interest to a business.

The middle-class lose their jobs, melt their savings, lose their loved ones and the rich have a great time. And there is no conspiracy, it is a well-done business!

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