Is the pandemic being used to mask a wealth & power transfer? - Russell Brand

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Another "conspiratorial" opinion of celebrities. Do people in their free time go too far into thinking that borders on the unbelievable, or does it simply give them the opportunity to see things that are not otherwise possible in the fast pace of life? Some things, like the middle class and the poor who are hardest hit during a pandemic, can easily become evidence of a conspiracy theory. Or exaggeration, judge for yourself. The facts are present, just how to arrange them? There are many ways to do this. People are losing their jobs and there are more and more poor people, there are more and more divisions. It's a fact. New ways of doing business are being created, the world is changing. In his video, Russel Brand talks about the modern era and the possibility that a pandemic is a mask for the transfer of wealth and power. Whether it is true or not, the fact is also that ordinary people are most affected. According to this "scenario", a pandemic would then be one in a series of ways to transfer power and wealth. It seems that according to this sequence, there have always been innovative ways to do something like that and impoverish us ordinary people. Is all this presented in the video just insane, or is this seen as insane due to the general insane opinion? Or the line between what is normal and what is insane is more blurred. Again, ordinary people get fu**ed.

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