Is the number of corona sufferers in the world declining or not?

While many fear coronary virus mutations and the next wave, the number of infections is declining worldwide. New mutated variants are appearing, not just one, all over the world, but it seems that at least for now the virus is losing its power. Perhaps simply, pandemic control measures have paid off.

With the onset of spring, many lose patience: they need perspective. When will the lockdown gradually end? Although distribution and vaccination have begun, it is not equally represented everywhere. And there are tensions around producers and politicians, we are witnessing that. The question that arises is, when could everyone finally count on vaccination equally? When will this complete madness end one day?

The debate was further fuelled by alleged statements from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the imminent end of the pandemic. The director of the WHO for Europe, the Belgian Hans Henri Kluge, stated for the Danish public TV service that we will "overcome the pandemic in a few months". Please God.

But still ..... After this facilitative statement by the European Director of the WHO, fierce debates and expert discussions followed. It remains for us ordinary people to guess again what is true and what are the reasons for the variable and often contradictory statements of those responsible for suppressing the epidemic. Namely, the same director of the WHO for Europe, the Belgian Hans Henri Kluge, then stated for the Second Program of the German public service ZDF: "I never said that." Instead, he says he said no one can predict when the pandemic will be defeated. As I said, it remains to be guessed what is true, while who knows what is happening with the distribution of vaccines, with the relations of the world's powerful and the world's largest vaccine manufacturers, politicians, interest groups.

"I would say, purely hypothetically, that we will have a pandemic behind us at the beginning of 2022," the WHO director for Europe added. The corona virus will still be there, but he is convinced that strict measures will not be necessary then. In times like these, people care the least about hot-cold statements.

Many in scientific circles shook their heads because of the alleged quote from the director of the World Health Organization. Virologist Christian Drosten from the Charité clinic in Berlin clearly rejected on Twitter the claims that the virus had weakened: "No, at this moment there are no indications that any known mutant has weakened. That is pure speculation, "Drosten wrote.

And while scientists, doctors, politicians, manufacturers express their views and cross their vanities, ordinary people lack psychic strength and are tired. This, of course, can provoke revolt and produce a counter-effect, which in turn can worsen the already bad situation in the world.

Numerous reasons cited as the reason for the global decline in the number of infections were also taken as arguments for further steps. It is clear that it cannot be just vaccination, considering that only a small part of the population has been vaccinated so far. It is certain that in many countries the action shows adherence to the rules of keeping distance and hygiene. This speaks in favour of slightly easing strict contact restrictions.

In some countries, such as the United States and Brazil, so many people have been infected so far that it is almost possible to talk about basic immunization of the population. In other words, if we add up the registered and possible unregistered cases, it turns out that in the United States - in a very losing way - collective immunity is established. In mid-February, American researchers from the University of Atlanta and Pennsylvania, led by biologist Jenny Lavigne, published a sensational study in the scientific journal "Science". The study predicts that the corona virus will quickly become "endemic" due to mutations, so it will only occur locally. That way, the virus will lose its frightening power, and the global vaccination campaign will only speed things up. Again, please God, just so that there is no denial from other professional and powerful circles.

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