Is hate a disease or something else?

While mental disorder is defined and described in professional literature and textbooks, hatred as a daily occurrence of modern society, according to experts, is not a mental disorder. There is no exact definition of hate or how to treat it when it comes up, at least not in the medicine manuals. Of course, there are various spiritual techniques of self-control and self-mastery, but this is hate that no one puts under control in the desire to reduce it, and can be found on social networks, on the street, in shops. Whenever you meet a haters anywhere, it is clear to you instantly that they will not subject themselves to any of the meditations to alleviate the spread of hate virus.

Hate is not the result of a mental disorder, but the result of what one is afraid of, or something he doesn't have and you have it .When one does not know something, he begins to fear, the next desperate step in his idiotic self-defence is hatred. Instinctively he moves with his hatred to destroy what he fears, that is, which he does not understand. Or if he desperately wants what you have but he can't have it, so he wants to destroy it with you. Of course, we can't know everything, it's completely natural, but what separates the hater in his idiotic emergency state of defence against the unknown, he begins to destroy what he does not understand. Each of us have been taught that when we do not know something, we should ask for an answer. Or if we want something, to do our best to gain that something, whether it is some valuable object or some virtue to which we aspire. For some reason, the haters missed that lesson. And while hate is not a mental illness, therapy should exist for haters. Officially and duly acknowledged by a healthcare organisation and enforced over any heater who dares to destroy something he doesn't understand or doesn't have.

Those with mental illness hear voices in their heads who direct them to action. Those who hate listen to a leader.

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