Is election theft in sight? A postal worker claims to have discovered vote theft!

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued an interim measure ordering the state of Pennsylvania to separate all ballots that arrived in the mail after the polls closed in the U.S. presidential election. All constituency polling stations are ordered, until a new decision is made by the Court, to follow the instructions issued by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on 28 October and 1 November to separate all ballots received by post after 8 pm on 3 November into secure and sealed containers, separate from other polling ballot, is stated in the decision made by Judge Samuel Alito. It should be reminded that the Republicans asked the American Supreme Court to separate the voting ballots that arrived after the end of the election day, which accepted their appeal. At least until a new decision is made by the US Supreme Court. The Republican Party is trying to block the counting of ballots that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania previously said would be counted if they were sent by mail and if they arrived by Friday. State officials have already told district officials to separate the ballots. An employee of the American Postal Service announced through Project Veritas that he ordered the Pennsylvania Postmaster to change the date on November 3 on the ballots that arrived after the election day, so that the invalid ballots would look legal. Alleged whistleblower Richard Hopkins said that he heard the postmaster Robert Weisenbach Jr., that he talked to other employees on Thursday about the ballots that should be anti-dated. According to Hopkins, Weisenbach said that on most of the ballots that arrived on Wednesday, the day after the election, the date was returned to Tuesday, but that one of them incorrectly verified the exact date of November 4th. Trump announced that he would initiate legal proceedings due to irregularities in the process of counting the votes, claiming that he would win if only legal votes were counted.

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